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​Charles Christian is a barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, podcaster, radio show host and award-winning tech journalist. The Urban Fantasist website is home to his tales of storytelling, geek stuff, history, folklore and the weird – as well as anything else that intrigues him. His best known book is Writing Genre Fiction – Creating Imaginary Worlds: The 12 Rules. He also writes and presents the weekly Weird Tales Radio Show  and the Americana Music Radio Show
. And, a UK national newspaper really did commission him to go on a werewolf hunt!
(prerecorded episode but Kristen and Chris will be live for questions on YouTube)
Coming up on July 14th on Bigfoot and the Bunny we are featuring Ken Decosta! PLUS a super special announcement to follow, stay tuned! Ken DeCosta has been researching and investigating unusual phenomena in the forms of ghosts and hauntings, UFOs and cryptids for 45 years. He takes an objective, unbiased approach to exploration and discovery always seeking the most rational conclusion before declaring any phenomena to be paranormal in nature.
In 2007, he founded the RISEUP Paranormal Society which now includes affiliates in 5 of the 6 New England states. Ken also chairs RISEUP’s annual Ocean State ParaCon which has raised over $40,000 for local charitable organizations. All told, the charitable endeavors of RISEUP have raised over $250,000 for charities and non-profits since 2008.
He is also the co-host of the YouTube show “Dead Air Paranormal” on The Paranormal Channel.
On July 21st we will feature Jill Shelley. Jill has been a paranormal investigator for over 10 years. She founded a group called St. Croix Paranormal in Stillwater, Mn. The group has traveled all over the country to well known haunted locations We have also done many local business, and private homes in the area. We produced our own local cable show called Paranormal Patrol and our team was once featured on the biography channel on My Ghost story. Her dream was to purchase her own haunted location and she was able to fulfill that dream last year. She purchased a haunted house in Boyd Mn that is very active. She currently allows other teams to come in and investigate. They have had a lot of equipment interactions, shadows seen, audible voices and EVP’s, objects moving, footsteps, doors closing and knocking. You can find out more about the Boyd house here:

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