Bigfoot and the Bunny

Live with Damien John Nott Saturday 4/17/21 from 4-6pm Eastern on Facebook Live for UFO Paranormal Radio Network & United Public Radio, Dark Horse Paranormal Podcast and of course, Bigfoot and the Bunny. On YouTube at Dark Horse Paranormal Productions and UFO Paranormal Radio Damien Nott was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney where he currently resides. His story came to public attention in 2012, after contacting a UFO research organization in an attempt to find an answer to his repeated experiences with the UFO phenomena. He became and continues to be an avid researcher focusing on that subject. He has appeared in episodes of Ancient Aliens, the documentary “Beyond the Spectrum”, and Produced and Directed “Australien Skies”. Two new films, “Haunted Skies” and “Fractured Realities” will be out this Spring/Summer! #UAP #UFO #ufology
Saturday 4/10/21 we have the one and only Nathaniel J Gillis! Nathaniel is a cutting edge demonologist and good friend of the show. If you haven’t heard him talk, you have been missing out… Join us from 4-6pm Eastern. Livestream at Bigfoot and the Bunny, Dark Horse Paranormal and UFO Paranormal Radio on Facebook Live; YouTube at Dark Horse Paranormal and UFO Paranormal Radio.


Saturday 4/3/21 We Speak To Morgan Daimler about the FAY!
Morgan Daimler is the author of more than two dozen books on subjects relating to Irish mythology, Paganism, and Fairies. She has contributed to multiple anthologies and magazines as well as taught workshops on these topics across the United States and internationally.
LIVE with TERRY LOVELACE 3/27/21 4-6pm Eastern
3/13/21 L. A. Marzulli brings passion, inspiration, and deep research experience to the intersection of current events, prophecy, and the supernatural. He travels the world to dig up new truths and create revelatory content for his community of followers. We will be discussing everything from Ohio’s Serpent Mound to the Paracas Skulls and the Nephilim!

Tuesday 10/13/20 A. P. Sylvia has long been interested in supernatural beliefs and their origins. He has explored the essential texts of vampire folklore, and has visited various vampire-related locations. He runs the blog and his first book, Vampires of Lore: Traits and Modern Misconceptions

Bigfoot and the Bunny is a couple’s journey into the Mysterious, the Unknown and the Paranormal. This is our live show and can be heard LIVE every Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific on – streamed live on YouTube by United Public Radio ( and on the air at 107.7 FM in New Orleans! This collection represents a remastered “Best Of” check back for more episodes soon and all the archives can be found at